Editing a Sunrise or Sunset Scene Part Four

Using Google NIK Collection in Photoshop to Edit a Sunset Editing a Sunrise or Sunset Scene Part 4 Using Photoshop, Lightroom or Capture One Pro can be very daunting at first for anyone starting out in photography & editing images.  Luckily for anyone who feels too overwhelmed with all the features for two listed applications already […]

Editing a Sunrise or Sunset Scene Part Three

Basic Adjustments using Camera Raw Continued Camera Raw by Adobe is a powerful & useful tool to use to get your image exposed just right.  Advances over the years can eliminate a need to use any additional hardware such as filters but i would say that using filters is a more natural way of producing an […]

Editing a Sunrise or Sunset Scene Part Two

The Power of RAW – Basic Adjustments Technology is constantly changing in the world of photography.  Back in the days of film cameras there was a constant change in the types of film that was available, giving it’s own unique finish to a photo.  Film is still used today though not as much in demand […]

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Editing a Sunrise or Sunset Scene Part One

Sunrise or Sunset Scene, Choosing the Equipment & Tools Sunset or Sunrise scenes are probably/is the most popular images you will see in photography as this is the best time when you get those beautiful colours in the sky including the rays & colourful tones.  The more popular type are at the beach where you […]

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Red kite Rally Stages 2017

A trip to Epynt near Brecon/Llandovery was on the cards this weekend for the Red Kite Stages 2017.  The weather was not great but for this time of year but i guess it was ok for most who are used to the rough conditions of Brecon Beacons National Park.  Throughout most of the morning there […]

Rali Cwm Gwendraeth 2017

Rali Cwm Gwendraeth 2017

Rali Cwm Gwendraeth was the first event to kick the season for 2017 held at Pembrey Race Circuit in Carmarthenshire.  With the rain pouring down all week, the heavens above seemed to stop on that day, giving us a cold & foggy start but turned out to be a nice sunny day by lunch time […]

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Peter Lloyd Rallying Stages 2016

Peter Lloyd Rallying Stages 2016 The Peter Lloyd Rallying Stages 2016 was held at Pembrey Circuit on Sunday 23rd October.  The weather was perfect for racing even if a little wet in the morning from the cold of the night.  A total of five stages were held on the day which also contributed to the […]

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Canon FD 50mm f1.8 Manual Focus Lens & Sony A7 | Reviews & Images

Canon FD 50mm f1.8 Lens The Canon FD 50mm f1.8 lens is a manual focus lens that can be used on Sony mirrorless cameras with an adaptor. The FD range of lenses had a breech lock type mount which were produced from 1971 up until 1992. When the EOS range started being introduced in 1987, […]

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Harry Flatters Rally 2016 | Epynt | Sennybridge

Harry Flatters Rally 2016 Harry Flatters Rally is an event located Epynt on the MOD Sennybridge training area in the Brecon Beacons National Park.  An event held every year, it forms part of the British Historic Rally Championship, Welsh Historic Championship, National Tarmacadam Championship, King of Epynt Challenge and the FMP Rally Challenge.  There was […]

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Llys-y-Fran Hill Climb 17th July 2016

Llys-y-Fran Hill Climb 17th July 2016 Llys-y-fran is located not too far from Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire.  It is one place i have yet to visit, until i saw an advert for a Hill Climb organised by Swansea Motor Club, another event i did not know about.  The day started off extremely misty, i was worried […]