Understanding Histograms in Photography

Histograms – How to use it for Photography Histograms are useful tools to determine how well an image is exposed.  Most modern day digital cameras have some sort of histogram to display if your image is correctly exposed.  DSLR’s mainly show a live histogram so you can adjust your settings whilst composing a shot.  Others

Other Ways to Sharpen an Image in Photoshop

Sharpening in Photoshop Part Five If you have been reading all of the parts in this sharpening series for Photoshop then you will have discovered some good effective methods to sharpen images without losing too much quality.  For this final part, i will show some quick methods to sharpen an image without the need for

Sharpening Using an Edge Mask in Photoshop

Sharpening in Photoshop Part Four Using an edge mask to sharpen images in Photoshop is really handy to sharpen around edges, particularly where detail is required such as rugged landscapes or nature portraits.  The image below will be used to sharpen around edges to give a cleaner finish. Create a Mask for Edge Mask Sharpening.

Types of Composition in Photography

What is Composition? Composition is a placement or arrangement of objects, subjects or anything else that you intend to use in your photography by using a series of elements in your image to emphasise what you are presenting.  It is used to guide a viewers eye to see to see what you are presenting in

Finalising an Edited Image

Editing a Sunrise or Sunset Scene Part Six For the final part of editing a sunrise or sunset, i will show how to make some personal changes to an image before saving it as a finished image.  I will use an image from part four & part five. I will make three changes to this

Using Viveza 2 in Google NIK Collection

Editing a Sunrise or Sunset Scene Part Five Viveza 2 is a great way to refine an image after using Color Efex Pro 4 to enhance colour, contrast & clarity even further without destroying it’s final look.  Just like the previous part of this series, care should be taken not too go too far on