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I am a photographer based in Pembrokeshire.  My main interests are landscape & sports photography where i attend some events when i can.  I currently own two cameras, one full frame & a crop sensor.  The full frame is mainly used for landscape photography although i do also use this for sports.  The crop sensor is what i mainly use so i can get a little closer to the action during sports events.

I also own a range of lenses with a collection that are of mixed brands and age but are in excellent condition.  These lenses also help me to capture the image at the right size for any situation.

My experience has been varied over the years.  Initially i was getting into photography at a young age and continued until i joined the Armed Forces.  Not having much time to travel around with nothing but a travel camera, i took a long break.  Some years later i decided to take it back up.  Things have changed a lot since the days when i started out but it did not take me long to understand the meaning of using a camera to capture that moment.

The world of photography has also changed.  For this reason i am now a freelance photographer, capturing images for stock or sale via my website including creating articles on popular area to visit in Pembrokeshire.  If you wish to contact me for anything please use the contact form & i will reply to your message as soon as i can.

Sample Images

Below are some sample images i have taken over the last year in a series of slideshows.

Thank you for looking.

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