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Astrophotography Sites in South Pembrokeshire

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South Pembrokeshire is an excellent location for Astrophotography photographers to catch the night sky including the Milky Way.  Having a low level of built-up areas make Pembrokeshire ideal to park up anywhere & take photos of the night sky.  There are not too many towns that can affect night photography but mainly Tenby, Haverfordwest, Milford Haven & Pembroke are the main culprits.  Luckily, going out to the deepest corners of Pembrokeshire can help to tone down light pollution.

Below are selected sites regularly used for Astrophotography with successful results.  Starting from Manorbier to Druidston.

Please ensure safety comes first before travelling to the sites.  Bring a torch & adequate lighting to help find your way around on a night.  If there is a situation of danger (cliff fall etc.) then leave, or do not enter the site.  Please also respect the countryside & coastline by taking rubbish with you.

Skrinkle Haven

skrinkle haven,pembrokeshire, astrophotography,milky way

  • Parking facilities
  • Hard Standing Areas

Skrinkle Haven is an excellent location for capturing the Milky Way.  It is ideal for South facing stars.  Any other direction would suffer from light pollution due to nearby Tenby & the village of Manorbier.  However, it is possible to capture the night sky.


manorbier,pembrokeshire, astrophotography,milky way

  • Car Park near Manorbier Beach
  • Will Require Walking along Coast Path
  • Adequate Lighting essential for Walking at Night.

Perhaps not very well suited for most photographers due to carrying equipment on hard terrain.  Just on the corner past Manorbier Beach is an excellent location to capture the Milky Way & surrounding stars.  Like Skrinkle Haven, light pollution from Tenby will affect photos if facing away from the South.

Stackpole Woods

stackpole woods,pembrokeshire, astrophotography,milky way

  • Roadside Parking in Selected Areas

Somewhat connected to Bosherston Ponds, Stackpole Woods is an excellent dark location for Astrophotography.  The wooded areas make it great for having a dramatic night scene either using lighting to brighten up the scenery or on a moonlit night. There is also a bridge around here with water running under it.  Torches are recommended to find your way around.

Bosherston Lily Ponds

bosherston lily ponds,pembrokeshire, astrophotography,milky way

  • Nearby Car Park
  • Will Require Walking

Like Stackpole Woods, Bosherston Lily Ponds is another excellent location for capturing stars in wooded areas.  The pools also make a great addition to get reflections of the stars.  A bit of walking is required for Bosherston Lily Ponds.

Barafundle Bay

barafundle bay,pembrokeshire, astrophotography,milky way

  • Parking at Stackpole Quay
  • Average Thirty Minute Walk

Barafundle Bay is a great location to catch at night when the moon is out.  A moderate walk from Stackpole Quay, there are also plenty of other opportunities on the open land.

Broad Haven South

broad haven south,pembrokeshire, astrophotography,milky way

  • Good Parking Facilities

One of the more popular destinations for Astrophotography.  Broad Haven South is an excellent location for watching the stars with a large car park.

St Govans Head

st govans head,pembrokeshire, astrophotography,milky way

  • Ample Parking
  • Relatively Flat Ground

St Govans Head is not mentioned very often when it comes to Astrophotography.  It is an excellent flat walk from the car park.  You could also stay in the car park with its hard standing.  St Govans Chapel is also nearby.  See images from St Govans Head.

Green Bridge of Wales & Stack Rocks

green bridge of wales,stack rocks,pembrokeshire, astrophotography,milky way

  • Parking
  • Flat Ground

A flat area of Castlemartin with park benches near the car park. An excellent location for Astrophotography & the Milky Way photos.  Read more about Green Bridge of Wales & Stack Rocks.

Freshwater West

freshwater west,pembrokeshire, astrophotography,milky way

  • Two Parking Locations
  • Plenty of Features for Landscape Images
  • Toilets
  • Can be Busy in the Summer

An underestimated area, Freshwater West is suitable for Astrophotography in general for capturing the Milky Way.  This is also a popular area in the summer with surfers/campers so expect it to be busy at peak times of the year.


angle,pembrokeshire, astrophotography,milky way

  • Ample Parking
  • Toilets
  • Takes Forty Minutes to Reach Gun Emplacements

Angle is another location before heading over the Cleddau Bridge that can have good results.  Angle Beach is possible however the light pollution from Milford Haven & Dale can affect what is viewed in the night sky, especially Astrophotography.  A better location is the gun emplacements, but this is a bit of a hike.  However, using the old buildings can add a nice touch to your Astrophotography image.

St Anns Head

st anns head,pembrokeshire,astrophotography,milky way

  • Plenty of Parking
  • Hard Standing at Car Park
  • Flat Terrain

St Annes Head would probably not be a location considered to capture the Milky Way due to the lighthouse nearby.  It is, however, possible to capture the Milky Way & lighthouse at the same ten-minute minute walk is required from the car park.  A hard standing area is also in the car park.  More information about St Anns Head.

Dale Beach & Dale Airfield

dale,beach,airfield,pembrokeshire,astrophotography,milky way

  • Tight, Restricted Parking Areas
  • Two Locations Close to Each Other

Dale Beach is a good location for astrophotography but has a restricted view as seen on the map.  Dale Airfield is also a good location with parking nearby although for probably three vehicles at a squeeze.

Marloes Sands

marloes sands,pembrokeshire,astrophotography,milky way

  • Easy Walk to the Beach

Marloes Sands is not too far from Dale although the drive will take longer as you need to leave Dale.

Martins Haven

martins haven,pembrokeshire,astrophotography,milky way

  • High Incline Walking to the Haven
  • Relatively Flat Area on the Haven
  • Skomer Island Nearby
  • Skokholm Island Nearby

Martins Haven is a pretty flat area with a 360-degree angle to capture the night sky for Astrophotography including the Milky Way.  It can get very windy on the haven.

Druidston Beach


  • Very Tight, Restricted Parking (One Vehicle)
  • Rugged Terrain Walking to Beach

Druidston is an excellent location although parking is very tight and not the best.  The path leading down is also quite rigged so care should be taken when walking.

Other South Pembrokeshire Astrophotography Locations

More locations will be added as they become discoverable.  There should be plenty above to keep anyone busy.  If anyone would like to suggest a site, then please send me a message.

You may also be interested in viewing Dark Sky’s Map where it has a selection of accessible areas around the United Kingdom.

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