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Useful Apps for Astrophotography


Apps for mobile phones & tablets have been around for a long while.  Every year they improve in usability or presentation.  There is a good selection of Apps available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store that are very handy to use in Astrophotography.  Below is just a small selection to get you started.

Timer+ App

Timer+ is an advanced version of the time function on an iPhone.  It lets you select up to three different countdowns.  It’s handy to keep track of your exposure time during a bulb mode exposure.  If I’m stacking, then another selection is below to keep a record of how long my stack is running.  Finally, a countdown of how much time I have left until daylight begins to appear.

timer plus,app,astrophotography
Timer+ lets you select multiple timers.

Currently only available on the Apple Store.  A good alternative for Android users is Looper.

BBC Weather App

BBC Weather is a simple way to find out the weather forecast for the week.  I do not use it as my main app, but rather as a simple guide to what is going to be in store for the forthcoming week.  It does not provide any Astrophotography detailed forecasts.

A simple, effective way to find out cloud cover & rain for the week.

Available on Apple Store & Play Store.

Xasteria App

Xasteria is a comprehensive app for Astrophotography that goes into a lot of detail.  It shows the current phase, including rising & setting of the moon.  Cloud cover is detailed in three-hour intervals with a probably chance of Astrophotography seeing within the fixed time frame.  It even gives atmospheric transparency reading for the probability of seeing low contrast nebulae or galaxies.  Other factors such as humidity, rain & temperature are also covered.

Xasteria delves deeper into how the night will be for Astrophotography.

Available on Apple Store Only.

SkyView Lite App

Free to use, SkyView Lite is a simple to use application to find stars in the sky with the use of a phone’s GPS signal.  Simply point into the sky to find the star you are looking for.  Ideal for Astrophotography.

skyview lite,app,astrophotography
SkyView Lite finds stars by pointing your mobile phone into the sky.

Download for Apple & Android.

Polar Scope Align App

PS Align detects where Polaris’s current orbit is in the sky.  This is handy to use for Astrophotography trackers such as the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer.

polar scope align,app,astrophotography
Polar Scope Align is a handy app to align your tracker.

Available on Apple Store.  An alternative for Android is Polar Alignment.

Flashlight App

Flashlight App is a useful app to use as a back up in case your torch fails.  It is bright enough to find your way around in an emergency.

There are a lot of torch style apps. Flashlight is another that is up to the job.

Download the Apple Version.  Or the Google Android Version.

Astrophotography Apps Roundup

There are a lot of apps out there to help you get that perfect photograph in Astrophotography.  Apps listed above should give you enough knowledge on an excellent evening shooting the stars.  If you would like to suggest an app, then leave a comment.

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