Barafundle Bay


Barafundle Bay

Barafundle Bay is, as has already been mentioned briefly in a past post, one of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire, including the fact that it reaches high in various lists of the best beaches in Europe & the World.  I really enjoy visiting this place when i can although i keep this to a minimum.  Being someone who only lives twenty minutes away it is very tempting to visit Barafundle every time.  I make at least three visits, one in summer, then one in spring & another in December.  December is the best time for me as the sun is setting as you approach the beach, just above the wall and stairs before you enter the beach, making it a nice sunset setting.

barafundle bay,pembrokeshire
A recent image i took at Barafundle Bay. This is a beautiful area with plenty of places to capture the beautiful beach at various angles.

Getting to Barafundle Bay

The only way to reach Barafundle Bay is on foot as there are no direct roads, it is not suitable to drive to the beach either due to the terrain.  A walk along the coast is the easiest option.  The quickest way to reach Barafundle Bay is to park at Stackpole Quay, then it is a twenty minute walk.  you will have to negotiate some steep steps at first, or alternatively walk to the other end of the car park then take the dirt track upwards.

There is also a car park at Broad Haven South or Bosherston Lily Ponds but this will take you longer.  Also, you have to pay a fee to park as all these car parks are National Trust owned.  When i visit it, it is mostly in the evenings or during a period when it is free so i am lucky there, however you may want to check if you have to pay before visiting.

barafundle bay,pembrokeshire
As already explained, the walk to Barafundle Bay is relatively easy once the steps have been passed. Its pretty flat from there on.

Walking along the Coast Path to Barafundle Bay

Once the steep steps at Stackpole Quay have been negotiated, it is a relatively peaceful & easy walk.  Just follow the path and you will know when you arrive as it will be the first beach you will see.  The path itself is quite flat with the odd incline but nothing steep to stop you taking a break for a minute.  You will stop though as you take in the sites.  Look behind as you walk and you will see Manorbier on a clear day.  Also there are some great features along the coast line as you get nearer to the beach.

barafundle bay,pembrokeshire
The views of the coastal line are very nice when looking back whilst getting to Barafundle Bay. I was lucky to get a beautiful sunset evening from one of my trips.

At Barafundle Bay

Before you know it, you are at Barafundle!  There will be an archway and steps to take you down to the beach.  If you want reach the other side then its a walk along the soft sinking sand.  Because you sink in to the sand it takes a little longer to walk across.  Take in the views from all around.  You have the small woods at one end with the dunes in the middle.  When you reach the other side you will notice the familiar steps & archway, the place where you began your descent to the beach.

barafundle bay,pembrokeshire
The entrance to Barafundle Bay. This can be reached using the car park at Stackpole Quay then walking along the coastal path.

Images of Barafundle Bay

Below are more images of Barafundle Bay.  I have used a mixture of cameras & lenses to capture some of these over the years.  All the images on this post are taken during sunset, either around one hour before or when the sun sets.  If you are looking for more information then take a visit to the National Trust website.

barafundle bay,pembrokeshire
One of many sunsets i have taken at the Bay. A beautiful beach with soft golden sand.
barafundle bay,pembrokeshire
The coastal views around Barafundle bay are stunning with views of some small caverns.
barafundle Bay,pembrokeshire
The beach at Barafundle Bay with the National Trust Plaque.
barafundle bay,pembrokeshire
A winter image of the beach. As can be expected, a more dramatic scene is captured at this time of year.

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