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timelapse photography,deflicker,tldf

DeFlicker a Timelapse

One of the most significant problems for time-lapse photography during processing is getting a flicker in a large number of files that are created.  The aperture moving causes this during each shoot, and it does not matter how expensive the camera lens is, it will be seen in nearly every timelapse shoot.  There are solutions...

timelapse photography,sky-watcher,star adventurer

Sky Watcher Star Adventurer Timelapse Review

Timelapse photography is a fun part of photography.  There are also a lot of hardware tools in the market to get some dramatic effects.  Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer is one such piece of hardware that’s primarily associated with Astrophotography but also used for time-lapse photography.  Setting up the Sky-Star Adventurer for time-lapse photography is pretty simple.  However,...


Useful Apps for Astrophotography

Apps for mobile phones & tablets have been around for a long while.  Every year they improve in usability or presentation.  There is a good selection of Apps available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store that are very handy to use in Astrophotography.  Below is just a small selection to get you...

astrophotography,milky way,sites,pembrokeshire

Astrophotography Sites in South Pembrokeshire

South Pembrokeshire is an excellent location for Astrophotography photographers to catch the night sky including the Milky Way.  Having a low level of built-up areas make Pembrokeshire ideal to park up anywhere & take photos of the night sky.  There are not too many towns that can affect night photography but mainly Tenby, Haverfordwest,...

sky-watcher,star adventurer,review,astrophotography

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Review

Astrophotography is a fun part of photography.  Astrophotography is not suited for everyone though.  Staying out all night while getting cold & on some occasions waiting for clouds to disappear for a clear night can take some patience.  Modern-day DSLR/DSLT/Mirrorless cameras can capture a night sky with no fuss, including the Milky Way.  Check...

monochrome photography

Monochrome Photography

Monochrome Photography – Introduction Monochrome photography is another form of achieving a brilliant result for a photograph.  It has been around long before the colour film started hitting the shops around the world.  Joseph Nicéphore Niépce was the first person to create a photo in 1825, and, without having to guess, it was in monochrome.  Since...

Pembrokeshire Classic Car Club 2018 Show

Pembrokeshire Classic Car Club 2018 Show

Pembrokeshire Classic Car Show 2018 – Scolton Manor This year, Pembrokeshire Classic Car Club 2018 Show is held at Scolton Manor near Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire.  It did not disappoint with a large selection of classic cars on display.  Also displaying their exceptional vehicles were Pembrokeshire Vintage & Classic Motorcycle club.  It has been a long...

british truck racing championship,pembrey race circuit

British Truck Racing Championship 2018

British Truck Racing Championship 2018 – Pembrey Race Circuit BTRA British Truck Racing Championships headed down to Pembrey Race Circuit in Carmarthenshire on 21st & 22nd April 2018 for another exciting round of racing.  It was a mixed weekend for the weather with lots of sun on Saturday.  Sunday was not as prosperous with rain...

summer spectacular,tenby,pembrokeshire

Tenby at Night

Tenby at Night Tenby at night can be as dramatic and beautiful compared to walking around during the day.  Many activities occur during the evening especially more so during the summer months.  Some events which may interest you in the evening if you decide to visit here on your holidays are the summer spectacular,...

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