Bosherston at Night


Bosherston at Night/Astrophotography

A couple of trips to the village of Bosherston for some night shots planned for two evenings.  I was mainly going to capture the night sky due to having clear skies, something that does not happen lately.  I headed to a few locations, the first being Broad Haven South with its beach, it has a good reputation for grabbing the night sky although you do get problems with light pollution from Tenby when shooting at high iso settings. The second location was Bosherston Quarry, an old site that is now disused and thought it would be an excellent location for some astrophotography shoots.  The final spot was the road leading into Bosherston with the moon rising.

Images of Bosherston

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Broad Haven South at night with stars in the sky. Notice the light pollution coming from Tenby. An excellent location for grabbing the night sky.

Bosherston Quarry at night. I wasn’t sure how this would look as I have never attempted to catch the night sky here however it came out pretty well with no light pollution including lovely reflections of the stars on the water.

Another shot Bosherston Quarry at night but from another direction. Bosherston Quarry would make an excellent place for some images of the Milky Way when it begins to appear later on in the year.

The entrance to the Quarry at night. I decided to light paint the wooded area while the moon was rising.

The road leading to Bosherston with the moon rising.

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