British Photography Awards 2017

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Entry for British Photography Awards 2017 Now Open

The British Photography Awards is a competition for 2017, showcasing a fine selection of photographs and images taken around the United Kingdom.  This competition is for any type of photographer who either class themselves as professional or amateur.  Age also has no limit for this competition.

What makes this photography competition interesting? it is working to help with charities and also giving money to their cause.

Especially relevant is if you do not live in the UK then that is not a problem.  As long as the photograph was taken anywhere in the UK then it can be entered.

How does it Work?

Anyone interested in entering the British Photography Awards 2017 can submit up to 10 images for a price of £15.  A total of eight categories are available to enter.  Please note that this will only allow you to submit into one category.  If you want to submit an image into a different category then you will have to pay another fee of £15.

This is then divided into half.  £7.50 will go towards a charity that you select through their website (see link at bottom of this article).  The remainder of the entrance fee, £7.50, will remain with the BPA and help run the competition including the event final held at York.

bpa, british photography awards,charities,2017
Listed charities from the British Photography Awards Website for 2017.

Categories & Regions for British Photography Awards 2017

There are a total of eight categories.

  1. Water Life – This is for wildlife in lakes, rivers or seas.
  2. Land Animals – Anything that has something to do with British Wildlife.
  3. Bird Life – Anything bird related goes here.  Non native birds not associated with the UK should be stated, with a location of where it was taken.
  4. Landscape Photography – The great outdoors!  Landscape can go here, urban or rural.
  5. Street Photography – The beauty of our streets around the United Kingdom.
  6. Portraits of People – Portraits from all walks of life.
  7. Macro – Anything close up.
  8. Pets – Pictures of pets from around the UK.  Exotic pets will not be accepted in this category.

Alongside the categories are the regions broken down into six parts.

  • Northern England
  • Central England
  • Southern England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

Deadline for Entries

The deadline to enter your images to the British Photography Awards 2017 is 30th June 2017 at 2359 GMT.  A full list of terms of entry can be viewed on BPA Website.

What are the Prizes?

There are prizes available for anyone lucky enough to win or earn runner up such as:

  • National Category Victory – Certificate, Letter of thanks from the BPA, a professionally mounted copy of your work, a VIP invitation to our end-of year charity gallery & one thousand pounds.
  • National Category Runner Up – Certificate, Letter of thanks from the BPA, a professionally mounted copy of your work, and an invitation to our end-of year charity gallery.
  • Regional Category Victory – Certificate, letter of thanks from the BPA and a professionally mounted copy of your work.

Where is it Being Held?

Awards for the British Photography Awards 2017 are being held at The Hospitium, Museum Gardens, York on 21 August 2017.  An open show will follow the next day.

Where do i Enter?

You can visit the British Photography Awards website for more information.  British Photography Awards.

An example image on the BPA Instagram Page.  Check it out, they have some beautiful work posted.

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