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British Truck Racing Association Championship 2017 – Pembrey Race Circuit

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The British Truck Racing Association Championship at Pembrey Race Circuit on 21st April & 22nd April 2017.  This was the second round of the event.  Also held during the race weekend was Pickup Championships, Caterham Graduates including WRDA Sports & Saloons.  A good day as the weather made for right track conditions with plenty of action in all classes.

One notable event was the seven truck incident at Spitfires turn which led to a red flag.  The race was back underway after a good twenty minutes of clearing up the bits of smashed race trim.  Images below are from Sunday which included all three events.

It was also mentioned by Pembrey Race Circuit that this was the best event yet for crowd attendance.  It indeed was an exciting weekend for spectators.  I hope that this will make other sporting events come to the circuit, especially after the new upgrade.  Exciting times ahead perhaps.

Images from British Truck Racing Association Weekend – Pembrey

Below are some pictures from the weekend’s events.  The complete set of images can be viewed on my portfolio page.  The pictures posted on the portfolio are not full size and have had the quality reduced due to file sizes:

btrac,pembrey,hatchets hairpin
Trucks from BTRAC fighting for position at Hatchets Hairpin. Adam Bint of CMG Bint Racing making a nice turn in his Volvo Aerodyne.
Not long after, an incident which led to a twenty-minute delay.
pickup truck racing
Pickup Truck Racing also made an appearance on the weekend.
Caterhams are fighting for position in the graduates series.
The Battle of Hastings truck is making an appearance on the warm-up lap. A lovely work of art.
More trucks are competing for a position. Number 69 David Jenkins & number 17 Shane Brereton are driving a MAN TGX 12000.  Number 37 with Terry Gibbon is driving a MAN TGS 18.480 12000.
An early retirement after an incident.  Luke Taylor of Rooster Truck Racing is out safe and talking to the crowd.  He is driving a MAN TGX 12000.
Getting a lift, or did he jump on without anyone knowing?

More images will be updated when the weekend finishes including a portfolio page for all photos.

Results from British Truck Racing at Pembrey 22-23 April 2017

Race results from the weekend at Pembrey can found on the British Truck Racing Website.  A PDF can also be downloaded with more details of a race by race results.

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  1. Roger Dowson
    30th April 2017

    Some great images from a brilliant weekend at Pembrey. The other races to support the British Truck Racing weekend were also excellent!


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