British Truck Racing Championship 2018

british truck racing championship,pembrey race circuit

British Truck Racing Championship 2018 – Pembrey Race Circuit

BTRA British Truck Racing Championships headed down to Pembrey Race Circuit in Carmarthenshire on 21st & 22nd April 2018 for another exciting round of racing.  It was a mixed weekend for the weather with lots of sun on Saturday.  Sunday was not as prosperous with rain & fog in the morning, but it did turn out to be excellent in the afternoon.  This event is now in its third year at Pembrey and had as much spills & thrills as 2017.

What is Truck Racing?

Truck racing is similar, or even better, identical, to any other form of motorsport.  Drivers can use any truck they like, although the ones used for BTRC are supercharged for better speed, and also with modifications to help improve specific areas such as steering, turning, shock absorption etc.  Weight will also have been lost to gain better speed & to improve stability.  Truck racing has gained good popularity over the last few years.  Truck racing in Pembrey is very much popular, so hopefully, this will be a well-chosen location for years to come.

Who was Racing at the British Truck Racing Championships at Pembrey 21st & 22nd April 2018

Races to support the race weekend included the two race classes from the British Truck Racing Championship, division 1 & division 2.  A debut appearance was made by the Hyundai Coupe Cup this year. This event mainly has racers using 1st or 2nd generation Hyundai Coupes on an affordable budget.  You can read more about what they do here.

Also supporting the race weekend is the Max5 Racing Championship.  The Max5 Racing Championship is split into three classes, using mostly Mk1, Mk3 and Mk4 Mazda MX5’s.  If you want to read what they get up to, then head on over to their website.  Mini Se7en/Miglia Championship raced during the weekend, with powerful Mini’s negotiating bends on the fast circuit.  More information about them on their Mini7 Site.

The final event on the weekend’s calendar was the Welsh Racing Drivers Association.  This association helps to develop young drivers & also promote motorsport in Wales.  You can see more of what the WRDC get up to and how they support & improve motorsport in Wales by giving their website a visit.

How to Get to Pembrey Race Circuit

If you ever decide yourself to go in the future, then the circuit is pretty easy to find.  On the A48 Pensarn roundabout in Carmarthen, take the A484 and follow it until you reach the course.  It is also very well signposted so you will not get lost.


Images from British Truck Racing Weekend

Below are selected pictures shot from the British Truck Racing Weekend at Pembrey Race Circuit.  Also included are photographs from the Hyundai Coupe Cup, Max5 Racing Championship, Mini Se7en/Miglia championship & WRDA.  More images in my portfolio by clicking the links in the subheadings below.

British Truck Racing championship Images

Below are selected images from the British Truck Racing Championship.  View the full portfolio of pictures here.

adam bint,volvo aerodyne,pembrey race circuit,british truck racing championships
Adam Bint in his Volvo Aerodyne showing the crowd his exhaust skills.

john bowler,foden,pembrey race circuit,british truck racing championships
John Bowler is negotiating Hatchets Harpin in his Foden at Pembrey Race Circuit.

stuart oliver,stig rig,volvo rh13,pembrey race circuit,british truck racing champinships
Stuart Oliver in a Volvo RH13 during the morning race with wet conditions. Will the real ‘Stig Rig’ please stand up?

simon cole,mercedes,pembrey race circuit,british truck racing championships
Simon Cole in his Mercedes, making his way to the pit area after a few laps around the circuit.

ryan smith,dave jenkins,man,pembrey race circuit,british truck racing championships
Ryan Smith & Dave Jenkins is battling it out for position on the course in their MAN trucks.

Hyundai Coupe Cup Images

Images from the Hyundai Coupe Cup.  View the full portfolio of pictures here.

eddie o'kane,hyundai coupe
Eddie O’Kane is losing it at Hatchets Hairpin. He made a good recovery & was able to continue the race.

hyundai coupe cup, pembrey race circuit
As the weather improved later in the day, racing started to get a lot faster. Two Hyundai Coupe’s fighting it out on track.

wayne rockett,hyundai coupe,pembrey race circuit
Wayne Rockett in his Hyundai Coupe driving like a… Will let you guess what I will say next. He had a storming session at Pembrey Circuit, jumping many places at one race.

ray harding,hyndai coupe cup,pembrey race circuit
Ray Harding in his Hyundai Coupe.

hyundai coupe cup,pembrey race circuit
Being towed away after a nasty crash near Hatchets Hairpin. The driver was fine.

Mini Se7en/Miglia Championship Images

Photographs from the Mini Se7en/Miglia championship.  View the full portfolio of images here.

Mini Se7en/Miglia championship,pembrey racing circuit
Car 796 competing in the Mini Se7en/Miglia championship at Pembrey Circuit.

Mini Se7en/Miglia championship
Car No.708, Mini Se7en/Miglia championship.

Welsh Racing Drivers Association Images

Action from the WRDA.  View the full portfolio of images here.

Welsh Racing Drivers Association,pembrey race circuit
Ellis Wiggins in a Vauxhall Nova competing in the Welsh Racing Drivers Association race at Pembrey Race Circuit.

tyrone lufferelli,WRDA
Tyrone Lufferelli, WRDA.

WRDA,pembrey race circuit
Chris Everill, WRDA.

melissa lufferelli,WRDA
Mellissa Lufferelli, WRDA.

endaf owens,WRDA
Endaf Owens, WRDA.

If you see any information that is incorrect or want to add something, then please leave a comment.  Thanks.

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