Carew & St Mary Church Carew Cheriton

carew castle,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,photography,image,photo

Carew Castle & St Mary Church Carew Cheriton 9th April 2016

Carew Castle has been mentioned on this site before so it needs no re-introduction.  On a fine day, it was a great opportunity to grab some images of Carew Castle from a different angle rather than the usual sunset perspective as normally seen everywhere else.  I also had time to pop to st Mary’s Church, located only a small drive away.  This tiny village used to have a school however it is now in private hands having been converted to a residence.

St Mary’s Church dates back to the 14th century, alterations & additions were installed over the preceding centuries to how it is seen today.  Other interesting features of the church is encaustic tiles to the sanctuary which may have been originally from Carew Castle nearby.  Also there is a Crimean memorial window dating back to 1857.

carew castle, pembrokeshire,wales,uk,panorama
Panoramic version of Carew Castle. A good day for it with a blue sky & fluffy clouds.
carew castle,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,photography,image,photo
Looking at the castle along the path near the old mill. You need to be tall as a wall will obstruct your view.
tidal mill,landscape,photo,photography,image
A view of the old tidal mill taken from the rear. Best to view it from this angle at low tide due to flooding.
carew castle,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,photography,photo,image
View taken near the small cafe by the tidal mill. They also serve nice tea!
carew castle,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,image,photo,photograph
Castle & bench in view, just sit down and take in the view around you.
st marys church, carew cheriton,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,,landscape,image,photo,photograph
St Mary’s Church in Carew Cheriton. An old church dating back to the 14th century.
st marys church,carew cheriton,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,imge,photo,photography
Front view of St Marys Church in Carew Cheriton. A very high Somerset type tower consisting of three storeys.

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