Classic Cars at the Castle, Carew, 2016

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Classic Cars at the Castle, Carew, 2016

Classic cars at the castle were held on Monday 2nd June 2016.  It started off as a damp day, but later on, the sun decided to pop out making it a good day after all.  It was the first time I turned up to this event so was nice to see some cars I have not seen for a while.  There was a varied mix of vehicles from all eras on display at classic cars at the castle in Carew including some military vehicles.  There was also the one or two that are currently going through renovation work, will be interesting to see them in the future when they are finished.

Images from Classic Cars at Carew Castle

mg,y type,vehicle,classic cars,image,photo,photography
An MG Y-Type. Built between 1947-1953. This example is in excellent condition both internally & externally.
mg,y-type,carew,castle,classic cars,vehicle,image,photo,photography
Another MG Y-Type on display at Carew Castle.
mgb,classic cars,vehicle,carew,pembrokeshire,image,photo,photography
A classic MGB with rubber bumper. A beautiful, clean version of a simplified model in its day.
morris minor,tourer,classic cars,pembrokeshire,car show,carew,image,photo,photograph
Morris Minor Tourer on display at the classic cars show in Carew Castle, Pembrokeshire. A beautiful version, these tourers were built for many years from 1948-1971 in various designs.
austin seven,tourer,classic cars,pembrokeshire,show,carew,castle,image,photo,photography
Classic Austin Seven Tourer in excellent condition at Classic cars at Carew Castle. These were built between 1922-1936 & were also favourite cars during that time.
lotus,esprit,classic cars,image,photo,photography
Classic Lotus Esprit on display. Another famous classic built between 1975-2004, this one has the familiar wedge design.
austin,healy,seven,classic cars,vehicle,pembrokeshire,image,photo,photograph
A larger version of the previous Austin Healey Seven on display at the classic cars show in Carew.
riley,one point five,wolseley,classic cars,image,photo,photograph
A classic Riley One-Point-Five made by Riley & Wolseley between 1957-1965. It was intended to be a compact executive car.

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