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Useful Apps for Astrophotography

Apps for mobile phones & tablets have been around for a long while.  Every year they improve in usability or presentation.  There is a good selection of Apps available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store that are very handy to use in Astrophotography.  Below is just a small selection to get you...

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Astrophotography Sites in South Pembrokeshire

South Pembrokeshire is an excellent location for Astrophotography photographers to catch the night sky including the Milky Way.  Having a low level of built-up areas make Pembrokeshire ideal to park up anywhere & take photos of the night sky.  There are not too many towns that can affect night photography but mainly Tenby, Haverfordwest,...

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Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Review

Astrophotography is a fun part of photography.  Astrophotography is not suited for everyone though.  Staying out all night while getting cold & on some occasions waiting for clouds to disappear for a clear night can take some patience.  Modern-day DSLR/DSLT/Mirrorless cameras can capture a night sky with no fuss, including the Milky Way.  Check...

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