Goodwick, Fishguard, Lower Fishguard & Strumble Head Lighthouse 7th March 2016

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Goodwick, Fishguard, Lower Fishguard & Strumble Head Lighthouse

Goodwick, Fishguard, Lower Fishguard & Strumble Head Lighthouse are all located on the top of the coast of Pembrokeshire.  Having a desire to see what the north has to offer for a long time, this will be the first of a few posts on North Pembrokeshire.  I originally planned on just visiting Goodwick & Fishguard, but I had some free time so visited two additional locations, the lower part of the town & Strumble Head Lighthouse.  I was going to follow the Circular Marine Walk listed on the Pembrokeshire County council website but made other arrangements to view different parts.  In total it took a good portion of half a day to visit all of these which also included taking the odd wrong turn in town, so not a bad day.  I would have liked to have attended more of the place, but I will leave it for another day.


Goodwick is in North Pembrokeshire and has a long history spanning back from old Norse raids during the 10th century & is an indication of how the coastal town gathered it’s name, or in Norse wording, góðrvik.  Goodwick is a fishing village; it was transformed into a brick making industry, having a railway & harbour constructed around 1887 (finally finished on 30th August 1906).  When the trade died, it returned to its roots as a fishing town with tourism. The railway line was given new life on 14th May 2012 when it was rebuilt due to dereliction.  There is also a ferry that visits the port twice a day, making it’s journey from the town to Rosslare.

Goodwick is also known for holding the first successful flight to Ireland when, on 22nd April 1912, Denys Corbett Wilson flying a Bleriot XI made a total flight time of forty minutes to Enniscorthy.  Oh, and the invasion. See below.

Goodwick Sands, where Jemima Nicholas foiled the invasion by the French in 1797 along with others dressed in traditional Welsh costumes, fooling the French into thinking they were Calvary. They surrendered not long after. Don’t mess with a Welsh Lady.
At the end of one of the harbour points.
Goodwick Harbour at low tide.
Slightly more of a view of Goodwick Harbour.

Fishguard & Lower Fishguard

Moving on to Fishguard, I took the marine walk, taking a few steps and a steep incline to enter the town.  There are some great views to be had when at the top, sadly the weather beginning to turn for the worse, but was determined to carry on.  I decide to walk away from the marine walk so I could get a good view of Lower Fishguard.

Goodwick Town from above. A beautiful view from a proper height, if only the weather were a little better.
The views when at the top of Fishguard are high, you can see quite a way out & it’s claimed that you can see Ireland on a good day.
lower fishguard, pembrokeshire,wales,uk
Getting closer to Lower Fishguard. A smaller harbour, it’s great when the tide is in.
A memorial stone for Raymond & Molly Lewis on the walk from Fishguard to Lower Fishguard.
lower fishguard,pembrokeshire,wales,uk
Daffodils at Lower Fishguard, a beautiful sight to see considering the bad weather recently.
After leaving the town harbour, walk up the hill, heading back into town then take a left for views that go for miles, this is just one example of what you can see.

After I got into town it started to rain heavily, so called it a day, then it stopped raining when I got back to the car in Goodwick… typical.  I decided to leave the rest of the walk for another day and headed over to Strumble Head to view the lighthouse instead.

Strumble Head Lighthouse

A fifteen-minute drive from Fishguard, Strumble Head Lighthouse is mostly a single lane road with little passing places, also watch out for farm & other traffic as the bends are sharp so take it easy.  Strumble Head is part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and a favourite place for tourists to see the lighthouse.  It also a tranquil & peaceful area.  There is no access to the lighthouse as it is privately owned & even automated.  It is although open on some occasions such as educational tours or free days.

Strumble Head,pembrokeshire,wales,uk
The views at Strumble Head Lighthouse are high, you can see for miles along the Pembrokeshire coastline.
strumble head lighthouse, pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,seascape
Strumble Head Lighthouse, one of the jewels of views in Pembrokeshire. I got the filters & tripod out for this one, beautiful capture of the lighthouse with the drama of the clouds.

In all, a perfect day.  But it would have been better had the weather been on my side for the day. I shall return to North Pembrokeshire soon.


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