Freshwater West 16th March 2016

freshwater west, pembrokeshire,wales,uk,sunset,landscape,seascape,beach,sand,water,sea,sky,sun

Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire, 16th March 2016

Freshwater West had changed a lot again since my last visit a few weeks ago.  The sand has almost covered the ruggedness of the beach that was discovered during the severe storms of the winter.  Remnants of World War Two & the wrecks are practically not visible, if not all traces covered again, waiting to be uncovered perhaps in the coming years when another storm as severe as the winter just passed will visit back in years to come.

One feature that has been added to the beach recently is the upgrade of the water overflow that helps to create a new wetland at Gupton fields.  It may be me, but it seems to be ruining the beach somewhat with a more powerful stream of water coming through or it could be just the excess rain recently that may be overrunning it, the only way to find out is to revisit it in the summer months.

Images of Freshwater West

freshwater west, pembrokeshire,wales,uk,sunset,landscape,seascape,beach,sand,water,sea,sky,sun
The sand has almost recovered on the beach of Freshwater West, some areas have little water pools like in this image, but they will soon be covered up over the coming months into a smooth sandy beach.
freshwater west,dog,kayak
A friendly dog on the beach with its owner going out to sea on his kayak. While the dog was close, it was following me around and digging holes around my feet every time, maybe the dog was trying to bury me.
golden tones,sunse,beach,landscape,seascape
Golden tones at the beach during sunset.
freshwater west,tide,wave,sea,water,sunset,landscape,seascape,pembrokeshire,wales,uk
Getting closer to the shoreline at Freshwater West. A beautiful calm tide was coming in with golden tones from the sun in the evening.
freshwater west,sunset,pembrokeshire,wales,uk
A calm evening on the beach with lovely waves coming in.  Including that sun which has been giving us beautiful colours lately.
freshwater west,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,sunset,landscape,seascape
The sun is about to disappear on Freshwater West beach giving beautiful reflections on the small water pools which have still yet to be recovered by the sand.
beach sunset,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,seascape,pembrokeshire,wales
As I made my way back to the car park, the sky was still emitting a beautiful colour even after the sun had set twenty minutes after I took this shot.

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