Manorbier Beach & Castle


Manorbier Castle & Beach

Manorbier is not too far from Pembroke & Tenby. A small village, it is a lovely place to visit in the summer months, the main points of interest are the beach & the Castle. If you feel a little more adventurous, you can also park up in a car park next to the beach (at a charge) and take in the coastline walk that stretches for miles. Also nearby is a church if you are interested in religious architecture. Manorbier Castle is a lovely castle nestled not too far away from the beach, there is also a charge to enter the castle but is worth it and would recommend popping in there sometime.

I have been here a few times but thought I would go down on my bike on the weekend to capture some images of a sunset at the beach and just by the entrance of the castle at the top of the village.

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Images of Manorbier

Manorbier castle during sunset on a winters evening. Beautiful colours in the clouds!
Manorbier beach during sunset. Popular with locals, holidaymakers, dog walkers & romantic couples.
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Sunset reflections at Manorbier beach. Such beautiful scenery all around here.

If you enjoy surfing, then you will also be right at home here too!  During the summer months, there is always a crowd of surfers in the evenings.  A perfect place to chill out too.  Lots of camping sites and holiday parks are close by too, an ideal spot for a holiday.  If you would like more information, you can visit this site which has more information regarding the village.

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