Milford Haven Marina at Night

milford hven,marina,reflections,pembrokeshire,walles,uk,landscape,nightscape

Milford Haven Marina at Night 28th February 2016

Milford Haven Marina is a pretty significant marina in Pembrokeshire.  It has a lot of shipping traffic coming in and out, including the ships that dock nearby at the refineries on the other side of the river which can be viewed with ease when walking around the marina.  Capturing Milford Haven Marina at night can be a hit and miss affair. You need a calm and steady night so reflections can be seen in the water.  You also need to control the many lights that surround the harbour coming into the sensor, so it does not overpower the image.  I took a few pictures of the marina with lovely reflections coming from the water.  As the water was so still. I could get away with ten-second exposures without the boats swaying back and forth to ruin the images.

Images of Milford Haven Marina at Night

milford haven,marina,reflections,pembrokeshire,walles,uk,landscape,nightscape
Beautiful reflections at the marina at night especially when the water is so still.

milford haven,marina,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,nightscape
Getting composition can be difficult in the marina due to so many boats being cramped up in the same place, however, I did find this one appealing.

milford haven,marina,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,nightscape
Just to give an idea of how big the marina is at Milford Haven. It also wraps to the far left of the image where the boat takes an exit.

milford haven,marina,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,nightscape
A piece of history, still on the marina for others to stare and wonder how this place used to work from days gone.

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