Pembroke 2nd March 2016


Pembroke 2nd March 2016

Pembroke was very windy today.  I was not going to bother going out but i did in the end & steered clear of the coastline, opting for a town walk instead.  Pembroke town is great if you are a street photographer, other than that, there is not really lot about, well.. there is actually such as historic buildings, but i prefer landscape images so for myself, i ventured down to the commons park area where there are is some opportunity for landscape images mixed with townscape.  Of course, the other main popular area that is captured daily is of course Pembroke Castle.

Sunset at Bankers Walk just off Commons Road in Pembroke. A nice little area to capture the evening sun with some features in the image. The building as you walk down to the bottom is Jerry’s American Diner, a popular place to eat.

The Parade, just above Commons Road in Pembroke. Not a lot along this road really, unless you want to go to the doctors.

old grit blasters,pembroke,pembrokeshire,wales,uk
The old grit blasting establishment on Bridgend Terrace/Norgans Terrace. It has been closed for years, no one seems to be interested in moving in so will probably be demolished in the future or left for nature to take it’s force.

commons park,pembroke,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,
A small portion of Commons Park. This stretches along the whole of Commons Road. Some work has been made to improve flooding issues over recent years along with some interesting features, such as a giant dart.. ?

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