Using Viveza 2 in Google NIK Collection

Editing a Sunrise or Sunset Scene Part Five

Viveza 2 is a great way to refine an image after using Color Efex Pro 4 to enhance colour, contrast & clarity even further without destroying it’s final look.  Just like the previous part of this series, care should be taken not too go too far on the sliders otherwise we will end up with a horrible scene.  I will be using the same image from part four to finalise how it looks before discussing presenting it in part six.

The finished image from part four of this series. Viveza 2 will be used to refine this image further.

Opening up Viveza 2

Viveza 2 can be opened up similar to how Color Efex 4 can be opened as previously explained in part four of this series.  Simply click Viveza 2 in the options box, and it will load automatically for you.

To open up Viveza 2, click the button highlighted in red.


Viveza 2 interface when opening in Photoshop.

Viveza 2 Interface Explained

On the right of the program, there are options to change your image using sliders with buttons.

  • Add Control Point – Click this if you want to edit a specific area of an image, this will let you select settings individually from the whole picture.
  • Group/Ungroup – Groups & ungroups control points.
  • Global – This is the central area for editing images through the use of sliders.  On the top right there is an option to either collapse or expand all sliders.  I leave it at broadening all sliders for better control.
  • Slider Area – This has functions to edit your image to suit your tastes.
  • Reset – Resets your edit to original settings.
  • Contro Point List – A list of your control points if used.
  • Levels & Curves – RGB, Red, Green or Blue can be edited within the image by moving the line up or down.  Another reset button is also available to revert to original settings.

Editing Image Using Viveza 2

So, using Viveza 2, I can make some more refinements to an image.  I made the following changes to my image.

  • Set the brightness to 8% for better light across the image.
  • Set contrast to 8% for better definition & clarity.
  • Saturation at 13% for improved colour at all ranges in the image.
  • The structure set at 20% for improved clarity.
  • Shadow Adjustments set to 16% to improve dark areas.
  • Red set to 1%.
  • Green set to -5%.
  • Blue set to 2%

Overall this helped to bring out more colour into the image, with improved visibility of areas that were too dark to see initially.  Clarity & structure has also improved.

Changes made using Viveza 2 helped to improve colour, shadows & clarity.

I am happy with how the image looks so I will click the OK button on the bottom right to apply changes. When backing into Photoshop, click the layer tab at the top of the menu bar then scroll down to flatten image & click it.

Adding a Control Point in Viveza 2

Adding a control point in Viveza 2 is pretty easy.  Open it up again then click add control point.  Click where you would like the control point to appear on your image, a bar with options will then appear, this is similar to editing normally.

Adding a control point then using its sliders to change appearance in a selected area.

Show Selection for Control Point

To find out how much of an image will be affected by our control point, click the check box to the right of the control point list.  See picture below.

By showing the control box selection highlighted in red, I can control how of the image will be affected by changing the first slider at the selected control point.

Grouping Control Points

Grouping control points are handy for fine tuning small areas of an image & editing for the same result.  See pictures below for more.

Firstly create a control point. I wanted to add a little blue to the top of the image for the sky, so I made adjustments for this.
To duplicate a control point, click Duplicate. This will create another control point just above the original control point with the same attributes. Move it to where you would like it.
I created seven control points through duplication.
To group all the control points, hold down ctrl then let click all the control points, this will select them all. When they are all selected click group. You can now edit them all with same attributes. If you want to ungroup them just simply click ungroup.

When finished click ok on the bottom right, then flatten as mentioned previously.


Using Viveza 2 has helped to give my image more colour, improved shadows & clarity.  This is a straightforward way of editing your image without having to step into creating layers in Photoshop.  For the final part, I will be finishing the image then saving it.

Finished image after using Viveza 2.


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