Other Ways to Sharpen an Image in Photoshop

Sharpening in Photoshop Part Five

If you have been reading all of the parts in this sharpening series for Photoshop, then you will have discovered some useful effective methods to sharpen images without losing too much quality.  For this final part, I will show some quick techniques to sharpen an image without the need for using the methods mentioned previously or can be combined.

Sharpening a selection

If for example you only wanted to sharpen a selected area of an image, you could choose this as a layer using quick selection tool in Photoshop.

I only wanted to sharpen the cabin area of this boat, so I selected this using quick selection tool.
I then right clicked the affected area and selected layer via copy.

Convert this to a smart object (mentioned in previous parts) then apply unsharp mask or smart sharp depending on which one you prefer to use.

The result of the sharpened area using unsharp mask.

Sharpen Tool

Another quick fix is to use the sharpen tool which can be found on the left menu bar in Photoshop.  Its handy for a quick fix but it does not have the flexibility of other tools to help soften or reduce noise in areas.

Using sharp tool (icon is highlighted in red on left). It’s a handy tool to use, but it does not have the same flexibility of other tools such as being able to soften up or reduce noise. The bar at the top lets you open a choice of options.


There are many ways to improve an image depending on the situation and throughout the five parts of this series I have shown enough to suit any need.  You can also use two sharpening techniques to help improve clarity even more.  I hope I have shown you enough to work through anyway, and attempted to make it as easy as possible for anyone just starting out in editing.  If you have any comments, please leave one below.


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