Saal Digital Gallery Print Review

saal digital,gallery print

Saal Digital Gallery Print Review

Saal Digital are a leading print company based in Germany offering many types of prints to bring out the best of your digital image to print.  I was offered a chance to have a print of my choice in their wall decors range.  There is a wide range of wall decors on offer through their site.  Some of the types are Alu-Dibond, Acrylic Glass, Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish, PVC Foamboard, Gallery Print and the traditional canvas print.

I decided to choose a gallery print for my offer in a size 30×20 centimetres.  This came to a total of £53.85 including postage, a fair price considering the process involved when putting a gallery print together.

For my print i chose to use an image from Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber located near Cardigan.  This print will be used for personal use only and will not be for sale.

Ordering the Print

There are two ways of ordering a print from Saal Digital.  The first is to order direct from the website via the webshop or download software provided by Saal Digital.  I decided to download the software to see how easy it was to use.  The software is currently available to Windows users.

saal digital,software
The welcome page you are introduced to when first opening up the Saal Digital Software.

I selected the Wall Decors range.  The options available are some i have mentioned already with a few more extras on screen.

saal digital, software
The Wall decor range in the software. Plenty here to choose from.

After selecting the type of print, you then have various sizing options with prices.  also on here are additional choices to make to further enhance your print.

saal digital,software
Selecting various sizes with extras to enhance your print. You can also set a custom size.

Next, selecting the image and sizing it up.  As long as you have the the correct dimensions in your image then it should size up nicely with no problems.

saal digital,software
Selecting and sizing up the image.

The next part is a final look of how your print will look.  This is important as you need to check the image is correctly sized with no borders.

saal digital,software
The final chance to check your image is correct before submitting to print.

When all this is done you will have a chance to save the project for later use or ignore it if you intend to use it as a one time print.  Once all the payment details have been submitted its now waiting for the print to arrive.

saal digital,software
The checkout page.

Arrival of Saal Digital Gallery Print

It took a few days for the print to arrive.  The return address is for their operations in Germany so i am guessing it arrived from here unless they run a separate print operation in the UK.  The package arrived with no problems and was very well secured.

saal digital,packaging
Arrival of the print.
saal digital, packaging
The protection inside the packaging is more than adequate.
saal digital,packaging
I ordered the mounting kit which was supplied with the packaging. These simply stick onto the frame.

Saal Digital Gallery Print

The print has a protective film to protect it during transit.  I have left this on at the moment however it will be removed later.  The print is excellent and i am very happy with it.  It is very thick and heavy but durable.  This will last for many years when mounted on a wall.

The colours in the image below do look much warmer, when the print is held to the light it does match the profile i had submitted originally, including the fact i took the image with a warmer temperature.


saal digital,gallery print
The print came out really well, retaining the colours that were in the original file i submitted during the ordering process.
saal digital,gallery print
A low resolution image taken with my mobile phone. Note the colours match better in this one.


The service was excellent by Saal Digital.  It did take a few days for the print to arrive but nothing to complain about.  The quality is also very good.

As for the software it was very easy to use and saves having to go onto the Saal Digital website every time.

I would use them again, one happy customer.

If you want to use their service then head over to the Saal Digital Website for more details.

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