Pembroke Dock Canvas Prints

Pembroke Dock is still rather young compared to other towns around Wales, having been established as a ship building town in 1814.  Previously before this, the area was known as Paterchurch, mostly farmland, then Pater Dockyard and finally the town name that it is known today.  After the closure of the Dockyard in 1926, the RAF gave new life into the Dockyard, basing 210 Squadron RAF initially with Southampton flying boats.  In 1957 the RAF left the town along with the final Army regiment a few years later.  If you ever visit Pembroke Dock and look hard enough, there is still plenty of remnants that can give you a clue of what the town used to be of years gone by.  The town also has a famous link to Star Wars, having built the Millennium Falcon in one the hangars by Marcon Fabrications in 1979.

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