Stackpole Quay & Barafundle Bay


Stackpole Quay & Barafundle Bay

Stackpole Quay & Barafundle Bay are two areas in Pembrokeshire that are pretty much close together, making it an ideal spot to visit.  These two areas are owned & maintained by the National Trust.  A car park is almost immediately opposite Stackpole Quay with Barafundle Bay being a twenty-minute walk.  Access to Barafundle Bay would is not recommended to anyone with any problems walking due to the steps to get to the beach.  The coast path though is not too bad being relatively flat but the trail is also quite rugged.

Stackpole Quay

As already explained, Stackpole Quay is within easy reach of the car park.  This place has a tea room where you can enjoy eating while taking in the views.  The quay itself is a small area with a little history that has a connection to the Cawdors.  Stackpole Quay is also suitable for anyone who enjoys some kayaking due to the still waters at times around the area, and you will also see people jumping off the quay during high tide.

Stackpole Quay from a distance with the ever two famous boats in their usual resting place.  The tearooms are just behind this image.

Stones & pebbles cover the floor of the quay.  During low tide, this can be walked along to access the quay area.  You can also access this during high tide by following the path along the right although you will have to climb down using a ladder that is fixed to the coastal wall.  Views are equally as stunning when walking around the coastal path above.  A boat is generally in the bay area also which sets off the scene, and it also gives an indication of how tight it is to moor your boat up on the quay.

View of Stackpole Quay

stackpole quay,pembrokeshire
A view of Stackpole Quay from above. A beautiful view & Barafundle Bay is only a twenty-minute walk away.

As can be seen from the image above, the quay can is viewed from almost every angle you walk along the coast path.  The Cawdors initially built Stackpole Quay to import & export trade, mainly limestone, however, other types of commodities such as luxuries were also traded here.  Coal dust was also collected here from boats that docked from Saundersfoot.  The Cawdor family also had an interest in sailing; this would have kept their sailing vessel, the ‘Speedwitch’.

The present masonry structure which dominates the bay is not the original one.  The original was built around 1680, until the 18th century, when the present one seen today had been constructed.  This area is also popular with nature where many types of birds will be spotted throughout the year including the beautiful coastal fauna during the summer months.

Also nearby is a disused quarry and Stackpole Farm which has long associations with the use of Stackpole Quay, particularly the trade of limestone.

Barafundle Bay

Barafundle Bay is not too far away from Stackpole Quay.  It is relatively easy to reach. However, there are steps which you need to take to reach the top of the cliff line.  Beautiful views can be seen when walking to Barafundle Bay from all around.  On a bright day, you can make out Manorbier Bay & Swanlake Bay with Tenby further on in the distance.

Barafundle Bay is such a popular place for tourist and alike, and you will know this when you visit it yourself.  This beach is regularly voted as being one of the best in the world.  The fact that it has no road access or any direct access makes it such a natural beauty to see.

Barafundle Bay is part of the Stackpole Estate, owned & used privately by the Cawdor family before they left.  Barafundle Bay was also the film location for Third Star, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.  Barafundle Bay can also be accessed from Broad Haven South however it is further to walk if you decide to venture from that location.

The coastline path to Barafundle Bay, pretty flat once you get up those steps.
Almost there! The view not too far away from Barafundle Bay.
The entrance to enter the beach at Barafundle Bay.
Looking at the Bay from a different angle.
Barafundle Bay with the plaque in view.
Looking back at Barafundle Bay while walking back to Stackpole Quay.

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