Swansea Marina at Night

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A Photo Walk Through Swansea Marina Part One

Swansea Marina is an area that was once a barren piece of land.  Before it was changed to how we see it today, it was better known as Swansea Docks during the industrial era.  It was a blossoming area that exported many commodities around the world.  Over the years, more so in the twentieth century, the area was struggling with the decline of exports.  By the 1960’s the dockyard was pretty much closed down.  It became barren land for many years until an idea to rejuvenate the area came about in the 1970’s.

Today, Swansea Marina is a busy area of the city with lots to see & do whether you are a local resident or a tourist.  The images below were taken when I visited the marina for a night photo walk.  If you plan on going I highly recommend it.  There is plenty here to keep you occupied no matter which category of photography you are interested in.

Some of the images have been reduced in quality to allow fast loading of the page.  The originals have far superior quality at a higher resolution size.

Meridian Tower

Without any doubt, you cannot miss this building.  Its the tallest in Wales and houses apartments.  There is also a restaurant occupying the top three floors.  I bet the views are absolutely great when having a meal!

meridian tower,swansea,night
Meridian Tower at night taken in landscape. The calm water in the marina gives beautiful reflections of the area in Swansea Marina.
meridian tower,night,swansea
A closer look at the Meridian Tower, taken in portrait. I struggled a little to fit the Meridian Tower and the reflection from the marina. I highly recommend you take the widest lens you own with you.

National Waterfront Museum

The National Waterfront Museum is just around the corner of where I took the images of the Meridian Tower.  This is an interesting building at night as the windows change colour intermittently.  It’s also great for some close-up architecture shot too.

national waterfront museum,swansea,night
The National Waterfront Museum at night in Swansea. an interesting building that changes colour at regular intervals.

Sail Bridge

The Sail Bridge helps walkers to connect from one side of the marina to the other.  It’s a great architectural design that is also well lit up at night.

sail bridge,swansea marina, night
A landscape view of the Sail Bridge just to the right of this image in Swansea Marina.
sail bridge,swansea marina,night
A view of the Sail Bridge at night from the other side.
sail bridge,swansea marina,night
Another view of the Sail Bridge with some reflections from the nearby buildings.
sail bridge,swansea marina,night
The reflections from the buildings near the Sail Bridge also shine nicely from the water nearby.

Architecture Around Swansea Marina

There is a lot to see from an architectural perspective and would need more than one evening to see it all whilst finding the perfect shot.  What I like about taking night shots with an architecture theme is how the night sky blends bright buildings into monotone shots such as the ones below.

A close up of a building at night around the marina at night.
swansea leisure centre,night
Swansea Leisure Centre at night. I love how the floor above has it’s own separate look to the rest of the building. Looks like i am being watched too!

City Gates & Morgans Hotel

Moving a little outwards from Swansea Marina is the centre.  This has plenty of areas for more night photography and is a another section that i can cover in the future.

morgans hotel,swansea,night
Morgans Hotel near Swansea Marina classes itself as a boutique hotel that was built in 1903. I love the architecture that has gone into the building.
the city gates,swansea,night
The City Gates in the city centre. This is as far as i had gone on my walk. Looks like something out of the film ‘Sin City’ at night.

The Walk Back

Walking back to the car i made a few more stops to capture the rest of the marina and the pump house.

old pumphouse,swansea marina,night
The Old Pumphouse in Swansea Marina. This used to serve the North & South Docks when it was operational. It is now a bar & grill.
swansea marina, night
More night reflections from the marina. The pump house is in view on the right.
swansea marina,night
Collection of boats on the marina at night with reflections.

In total, I spent about two hours walking around a very small part of the marina but it was worth it.  It was also very quiet and peaceful with no trouble in the area.  Parking can be expensive if you turn up before 9pm but its nothing big.  I hope this has inspired to visit Swansea Marina either by day or night anyway.  Thanks for reading and viewing the images.  I shall be completing part two very soon.

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