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Tenby at Night

summer spectacular,tenby,pembrokeshire

Tenby at Night

Tenby at night can be as dramatic and beautiful compared to walking around during the day.  Many activities occur during the evening especially more so during the summer months.  Some events which may interest you in the evening if you decide to visit here on your holidays are the summer spectacular, which provides music drinks and fireworks on selected nights at the harbour.  Last year a celebration of Roald Dahl was organised where large figurines were parading through the town, then down to the port.

I usually walk around Tenby a few times at night during the year, and it is as lovely to see the town lit up, but probably the spectacular view for me would have to be seeing the harbour from a distance, especially at high tide.  The reflections of the lights from the townhouses, especially at high tide, really shows the beauty of what Tenby can bring.

Viewing Tenby Harbour, with light reflections along the sea at night.  The smoky look just above the town was mist in the air that was lit it with the aid of the moonlight.  You can also identify St Marys Church.  You can make out Tenby Beach in the low light.

It’s not all about the harbour sometimes though; there is plenty of life around the centre of the town itself with an abundance of bars & restaurants as you walk from one end of the centre to the other.  Lets not the forget the fish & chip shops too, we all visit one at some point!

roald dahl, tenby
Roald Dahl event in the town centre. A parade that started from the top of the town, then making its way to the harbour.  Many events similar to these occur mostly during summer.

Tenby, in general, is usually quiet in the evenings however it does get lively in the summer months when tourists and locals alike gather for the weekend to enjoy the music & drinks in the pubs.  There is also live music if this interests you including a nightclub if you feel like making a night of it.

Walking around Tenby at Night

Below are some images I have taken while walking around town, including the harbour.

the stowaway, tenby
The Stowaway, a coffee shop buried into the walls of Tenby Harbour, Pembrokeshire.  This coffee shop is on the hill leading down to the harbour.

Normandie in Tenby during the night.

st marys church,tenby
St Marys Church in the town centre beautifully lit up at night.

Tenby Harbour


Fishing pots, something regularly seen around the harbour.

The harbour lights. It is a long walk from one end to the other if you ever decide to come here with all areas very well lit up.  You can also see the townhouses with its scenic view.

It’s not all about the sights! Some shops can have some beautiful displays when lit up at night.

st julians chapel,tenby
St Julians Chapel in the Harbour.

I hope you enjoyed viewing at some of the images I have of Tenby at Night.  I do have lots more which I will show in another post at a later date.  In the meantime why not visit my shop where there are more images to view.  Read an older post of Tenby at night here.

You may also be interested in viewing my Tenby Gallery where you can purchase prints.

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