Tenby Town at Night


Tenby Town at Night

I have been to Tenby a few times but never captured the stunning harbour with high tide, especially at night.  A bright moon had been forecast.  Unfortunately, the clouds let me down so had to make do with just the high tide.  I wanted to capture as much as I could of the harbour so getting to a proper height was needed, some of the places I would have liked to have got to are mostly the private land owned by hotels or properties so make sure you are not trespassing before you site your tripod.  See some of the images below from my evening, they are also available for purchase by clicking them.

Tenby Harbour

My first go at capturing the harbour at night. The tide was right for the evening however the lights reflecting onto the sea is never easy to control. This took a few attempts before I was happy with it.

Tenby harbour a little more close up. This was another tricky shot as the tide was coming in pretty close & sinking my tripod every time into the sand.

The harbour lights of Tenby. It is a long walk from one end to the other if you ever decide to come here with all areas very well lit up.

Tenby harbour from another angle at height. It does not matter too much where you go as you can pretty much see this sight from most angles.

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