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Sky Watcher Star Adventurer Timelapse Review

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Timelapse photography is a fun part of photography.  There are also a lot of hardware tools in the market to get some dramatic effects.  Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer is one such piece of hardware that’s primarily associated with Astrophotography but also used for time-lapse photography.  Setting up the Sky-Star Adventurer for time-lapse photography is pretty simple.  However, updating the base firmware supplied with the unit is essential.

When using for timelapse Star Adventurer unboxed it is supplied with firmware that can only turn thirty degrees.  When updated to an improved firmware, it can become one hundred and eighty degrees.  This leaves plenty of time for the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer to turn at variable speeds while capturing what you require.

For this review, an update of the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer will be explained.  Some recent examples of results from time-lapse photography.  And also setting up which is not as bad as setting this unit up for Astrophotography.

Updating Firmware

Before starting to use the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer for Timelapse Photography, it would be best to update the firmware that is installed initially when supplied.  This will change the swing angle from 60 degrees (it reaches thirty degrees at the centre first before swinging back for the full sixty degrees) to one hundred and eighty degrees.  This will make a life for time-lapse photography that little bit easier.  And will help capture more images in a longer time frame.

Also rather than reaching a certain point then swinging back, the firmware update will have a start point from when the Star Adventurer is switched on rather than having a centre point.  This affects “2X”, “6X” and “12X” modes only.

You can download the firmware update here. Also, make sure to have a cable to connect the unit to your PC/Laptop.

Setting Up

Setting up the Sky-watcher Star Adventurer is pretty simple.  Mount the unit on a stable tripod then set the angle to ninety degrees. There is no need to use the scope this time as this is purely for astrophotography purposes.  Also, ensure the bubble is correctly aligned for a nice smooth line when the Star Adventurer is moving the camera.

Using Sky-watcher Star Adventurer for Timelapse Photography

Set the rotation switch to ‘timelapse’ then switch on the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer. You can use any of the speed modes.  In the videos below I used the 2x speed mode.  It would also be handy to use an intervalometer to time the shots & also reduce to need to unnecessarily knock the camera out of alignment.  This is it; it is as simple as it can get.  The hardest part is waiting for the session to finish.

Timelapse Photography Videos with Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer

The video below was shot in five-second increments using an intervalometer. The total session was about an hour in total.

The video below was again shot in five-second intervals using an intervalometer.

Sky-watcher Star Adventurer for Timelapse Photography Review

In general, I am impressed with the Sky-watcher Star Adventurer for time-lapse photography.  The operation and movement were very smooth although it was a little choppy in one or two places.  But having said that, it is an excellent functional unit to have with you if you enjoy doing time-lapse photography.

Would this replace a motorise camera slider?  I would say no as a camera slider can accompany this to expand your options for creative time-lapse photography.  To finish off, this is a simple to use hardware that would be great for any beginner.

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