Straightliners Pendine Sands 2017

straightliners,pendine sands

Straightliners Pendine Sands 2017

Straightliners Pendine Sands is a race to reach 200mph in a vehicle of your choice.  This year was the first event I attended after seeing an advertisement for the race.  The competitor’s run on a mixture of transportation, but mainly involving motorcycles.  Most of these motorcycles are custom built while others are made for fun to see how fast it can go.  It’s not just motorcycles though, this year a go-kart, three wheeler’s and even a shed entered in an attempt to break the speed record.  It’s all good fun!

Who are Straightliners?

Straightliners began over twenty years ago with the aim of creating events that enabled competitors to ride at high speed while maintaining safety.  Today it is a thriving organisation holding many races, including Pendine Sands.  More information on their Website.

Images from Straightliners Pendine Sands 2017

Below are some photos from the event.  If you wish to use any of my pictures, please contact me using the link at the top of the menu or click here.

More images from the event can on my Portfolio Page!

straightliners,pendine sands
A competitor is getting ready to begin their run at Pendine Sands in an attempt to achieve a high speed.
pendine sands, top speed
All sorts of vehicles race along the sand. The sands on this beach are perfect for gaining top speeds due to its length.
Getting ready to take their run to break the speed record on the sand.
A Competitor is returning from their attempt to gain maximum speed at Pendine Sands.
pendine sands,straightliners
Some great motorcycles can be seen attempting to break the speed record.
go kart
It’s not just about the bikes! This go-kart was also trying to be the fastest!
shed,speed,straightliners,pendine sands
Would you believe a shed tried to break the speed record? Well here is the image to prove it!

More images from the Pendine Sands Straightliners 2017 on my Portfolio Page!

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