West Dale Bay Sunset, Pembrokeshire, 18th March 2016

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West Dale Bay Sunset, Pembrokeshire, 18th March 2016

West Dale Bay is a beach located not too far away from the village of Dale in Pembrokeshire.  There is no direct access to the beach so you can either park in the village and take a fifteen minute walk, or park up at a lay-by about five minutes walk away but this is limited to about three cars.  West Dale Bay is a sheltered type of beach in a D-shape with a beautiful golden sand when the tide is low.  there are also plenty of features on the beach for any photographer to get composition or make an image a little more interesting, also visible in the distance is Skokholm Island with Grassholm Island a little further away, a small uninhabited island, just visible on a good day.

If you plan on staying at West Dale Bay for a day make sure you have enough refreshments with you as the nearest facilities are in the village.  Also nearby which may interest anyone is Dale Castle, an eighteenth century castellated house built on a site of a medieval castle however remains of the castle have all but disappeared.  Also near to the castle is the Church of St James the Great.  Going slightly out of the village there is a one of the last remaining windmill towers located at Windmill Farm although it is no longer operational.  Not too far away also is Dale Airfield, a Royal Navy Air Station used during World War Two, it is no longer in operation but parts can still be accessed.

west dale bay,beach,landscape,seascaoe,sand,sea,water,sky,sunset,sun,tide,pembrokeshire,wales,uk
West Dale Bay in Pembrokeshire, a beautiful D-shaped beach offering plenty of features & views of Skokholm Island in the distance.
west dale bay,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,seascape,beach,sand,water,sea,waves,sky,sun
I loved the waves coming into West Dale Bay, crashing one after another just before entering the beach giving a nice effect.
west dale bay,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,seascape,beach,sand,water,sea,waves,sky,sun,sunset
Lots of rocks on West Dale Beach, Skokholm Island is still visible in the misty haze.
skokholm,island,west dale bay,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,seascape,sea,water,waves,sky,sunset
A little more close up to Skokholm Island whilst the sun is setting on West Dale Bay.
west dale bay,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,seascape,beach,sand,sea,water,waves,sky,sun.sunset
Golden tones on West Dale Bay, the cloud in the sky was also beginning to move in pretty fast, my evening was soon to be cut short.
west dale bay,pembrokeshire,wlales,uk,landscape,seascape,sea,water,waves,sky,sun,sunset
Crashing waves coming into the beach, giving beautiful frothy looks with a golden shine.
west dale bay,pembrokeshire,wales,uk,landscape,seascape,rocks,sea,waves,water,sky,sun,sunset,clouds
Wave crashing onto rocks at West Dale Bay. This was my last image before the cloud had hidden the sun from view & a mist had filled the air, obscuring any view of Skokholm Island.


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