West Williamston


West Williamston

West Williamston is not too familiar with many people. It is a tiny rural village with only a few houses.  It is not too far from Carew Castle & Cresswell Quay with minimal parking if visiting the woodland. In fact, there is just space for three vehicles at a squeeze.  To sum up West Williamston, it is full of salt marshes with plenty of mudflats & some tidal creeks, making it perfect for watching wildlife.  Also of interest is the limestone quarries dating back to the 18th century which can still be seen including the tidal creeks.  I mention the limestone quarries can yet be seen, however, most of it has been lost, but you can again see remaining walls if you look hard enough.  It’s also advisable to wear boots due to the mud and make sure you do not get caught out at high tide!

Walking around West Willimaston

I began the walk from West Williamston Woods, then walking back to the West Williamston Village & going to Carew.  It took about two hours with quite a few stops to explore and enjoy the view.  When I did this walk, the weather was terrible, so I may go back sometime do this one again later in the year.

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West Williamston Village. Not a very big place, one of those secluded places that are off the radar.

Daffodils in bloom at West Williamston. A very rare site especially as we are getting such terrible weather for this time of year.

The view near the woods at West Williamston. You can see quite a lot from here such as Upton & the other side of the Cleddau.

A cloudy Carew Castle on a rainy day. I gave up not long after this as the weather was closing in.

Read about Landshipping, a village not too far away from West Williamston.

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